Introducing “Learn • Grow • Do” for Learners of All Ages at the WPPL

learn_grow_do_final_hi-rez**drum roll please**

We are pleased to announce the launch of Learn · Grow · Do, the WPPL’s new community learning initiative. It replaces our Lifelong Learning Institute, which concluded operations at the end of 2013. The Library’s commitment to lifelong learning — providing learning opportunities for people at every stage of life — has not wavered in the least. Our goal is to make sure all of our programming is community-driven and mission-based. Programming for adults, teens, tweens, children and babies now will be centrally coordinated so that all learning opportunities at the WPPL are cohesive and meet the needs of those we serve.

Why did things change?
The landscape of learning opportunities has changed greatly over the 10 years that we first launched our Lifelong Learning Institute. And if imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, we are flattered indeed. Many community organizations have emulated our original model and those needs are being filled for the community. It’s time for us to break new ground on the next generation of community-centric learning opportunities from your Library.

What’s next?
To help us chart the course of Learn · Grow · Do, we conducted patron surveys online and in the building. We received hundreds of responses and are busy tabulating and interpreting the results so we can best serve YOU. In the meantime, we are already offering exciting and entertaining programs. Just check our Master Calendar to browse what we have going on so far.

So what does this mean for you?
Well here’s a quick list:

• We have eliminated membership fees (some programs may still have nominal costs to cover materials or presenter costs).
• We will coordinate programs library-wide, meaning that there will be crossover opportunities for adults and children…such as our first-ever Summer Reading program for Adults launching this June.
• Long-standing offerings such as as the Prose & Poetry Writing Workshop, Knotty Knitters, and the Cutting Edge Consciousness series will still be hosted by the WPPL, but they will operate as “Library Interest Groups.” We’ll publish a listing of dates, times and contact information for these activities, but their facilitators are now in charge of them.

We are excited by this opportunity to forge new partnerships and develop innovative opportunities for our community to learn and engage with new information. These are exciting times as the WPPL moves firmly toward providing learning for citizens of the 21st century. Thank you for coming this far with us and we welcome you on the newest journey.

Changing Things Up in the WPPL


The new, open seating area in front of the Checkout Desk and the new Information Desk (far right) for getting library cards and boat decals.

You may have noticed that we’ve moved things around at the WPPL over the last six months. Not many people like change, but there is a method to our “madness.”

Most importantly, we are trying to make the Library as it exists in its current building as patron-friendly as possible. A professional space planner donated her time to help us determine what improvements we could make without spending any money. Our ultimate goal was to make things easier for you to find, clear clutter, shorten lines and increase service options.

Here’s a quick look at what we’ve done over the last six months.

– Removed the circular planter and circle of blue chairs to create more open space on the first floor.

– Created an Info Desk to handle all of the new library card registrations and sell boat decals, shortening lines for those wanting to checkout or address account matters.


New and improved Self-Serve Stations allow patrons in a rush or desiring more privacy to checkout, renew and pay fines by themselves.

– Improved service to children, teens and families by moving check-out and check-in duties to the first floor. This leaves the Youth Services staff free to help young people find materials, provide homework help and answer questions faster.

–  We moved the service desks in the Youth Services Department to provide better access to assistance and to create  more space for studying, tutoring and homework help.

– No more DVD scavenger hunt! We consolidated the DVD collection to the second floor so you no longer have to trek up to the third floor to get the TV shows and nonfiction DVDs. New DVDs will still be featured on the first floor display rack, but all “not new” DVDs for adults will be shelved on the second floor in the area immediately in front of the elevator. Children’s DVDs will continue to be housed in the Children’s Room.

– Moved all audiobooks and large print books to shelving on the first floor for greater accessibility to older and visually impaired patrons.

– Fully integrated the young adult and adult music collections to make browsing and locating music much easier. The next phase of this project is to ALPHABETIZE the music so it’s even easier to find things.


New shelving in the Young Adult Department gives the collection much-needed room to grow and an easier-to-browse configuration.

– Increased the number of Self-Serve Stations on the first and second floor for patrons who enjoy the convenience and privacy of checking out, renewing and paying fines at a kiosk.

– Made all items on “Hold”  accessible to patrons so they can retrieve them and use a Self-Serve if they are in a hurry or prefer to do it themselves.

– Added a Quiet Study and Internet Room on the third floor so patrons who prefer to be away from the bustle of the first floor can work online in quiet.

– Installed all new shelving (which we already owned) in the Young Adult Department to accommodate more books and be easier to browse. We also interfiled all of the YA fiction so young users don’t have to guess what genre a title fell into…and also so they will be exposed to genres other than the ones they already know they like.

– Cleared clutter and introduced more open space building-wide.

We appreciate your patience while we move things around to serve you better. Let us know what you think in the comments.